Conference Review

ICEEES2022, ICAUP2022 and ICCIVIL2022 were successfully held online on November 26, 2022. Experts and scholars from related research fields in domestic universities participated in the meeting and carried out academic exchanges. During the meeting, all the participants actively and enthusiastically expressed their unique insights on the theme of the meeting and exchanged experience with each other.

Keynote Speeches

Below are some keynote speeches delivered at the conference:

Keynote Speeches Dr. Shuzhao Pei

Keynote Speeches1:Dr. Shuzhao Pei

School of Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China

Speech Topic: R&D in Efficient Electrooxidation Wastewater Purification with Electro-generated •OH

Keynote Speeches Dr. Shuzhao Pei Keynote Speeches Dr. Shuzhao Pei
Keynote Speeches Dr. Tianshou Ma

Keynote Speeches2:Dr. Tianshou Ma

School of Petroleum Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, China

Speech Topic: Quantitative Risk Assessment of Wellbore Stability for Heterogeneous Formations During Deep Oil and Gas Drilling

Keynote Speeches Dr. Tianshou Ma Keynote Speeches Dr. Tianshou Ma

Oral Presentation Session

Below are some oral presentations delivered at the conference:

Oral Presenter

Speech Topic

Yao Xuexing

Dynamic Characteristics and Mechanism of Cyanobacteria Bloom Extinction During a Spring Algal Bloom in a Tributary of Three Gorges Reservoir

Shao Yun

Environmental DNA Sequencing Reveals the Regional Difference in Microeukaryotic Diversity and Community Assembly Mechanisms in Coastal Waters

Pan Xia

Automated Mapping of LandCover in Google Earth Engine Platform using Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Oral: Yao Xuexing

    Yao Xuexing

  • Oral: Shao Yun

    Shao Yun

  • Oral: Pan Xia

    Pan Xia

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